GoPoint Ventures is more than just capital. 

We are true partners who help founders grow their business every step of the way.

GoPoint Ventures came in early and rolled up their sleeves across every aspect of the business. They were the driving force in assembling a strong cap table across multiple rounds. GoPoint accelerated our credibility in the market, attracting better hires and enabling us to more rapidly and confidently expand the business.

Kyle Van Decker, Founder and CEO - Spark Car Wash
Spark Car Wash is a high-tech express exterior car wash company focused on a subscription membership model.  Spark is quickly becoming one of the largest premium operators in the Northeast. 

GoPoint Ventures is not your typical VC. The senior partners take a uniquely hands on approach, leveraging their experience and relationships across the power and energy industries to help us grow the company. From making customer and channel partner connections to continuously providing strategic guidance, GoPoint has been an invaluable advisor and lead investor to Buzz.

Kaitlyn Albertoli, CEO & Co-Founder, Buzz Solutions​​

Buzz Solutions is an AI company that provides asset fault detection and predictive analytics for powerline inspections, providing critical savings in preventing downed lines, power outages, and sparked wildfires due to failed grid infrastructure.

Leveraging both their manufacturing experience and understanding of enterprise software, GoPoint Ventures brings more to the table than just capital. They are incredibly active investors helping Focal Point in the areas of business development, team recruitment, and overall strategic direction.

Anders Lillevik, Founder and CEO - Focal Point

Focal Point is a provider of end-to-end enterprise procurement management software.  Its workflow solutions help businesses integrate disparate data silos within the supply chain, analyze areas of potential cost savings, and make the entire procurement management process more efficient.

GoPoint Ventures shared our belief in an AI-driven moments-based ad marketplace. Through regular product positioning and strategic planning sessions, they have helped us see around corners and come to the right conclusions faster.

Zack Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO - Qortex

Qortex’s advanced AI identifies moments in videos so brands can serve ads in real time that are relevant to audiences who are most receptive.  Using Qortex’s marketplace, brands can advertise in-video on CTV and the web using their existing ad-tech infrastructure.  Using Qortex’s analytic tools, brands gain new data-driven insights, optimize ad performance, and better ensure brands safety.